Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Accessibility to high-quality education is vital to the growth and prosperity of the local, national and international communities. For half a century, the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University has employed a distinct, overarching mission to make a world-class Northeastern education accessible to students from our neighborhood, from our nation, and from our world. 


The College of Professional Studies is committed to providing career-focused educational programs that are designed to accommodate the complex lives of motivated learners. Offered in a variety of innovative formats, our courses are taught by accomplished scholars and practitioners who have real-world experience. The result is an educational experience founded on proven scholarship, strengthened with practical application, and sustained by academic excellence.


The College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University seeks to transform the academic experience to meet the evolving needs of students who wish to pursue career and personal aspirations through education. We aspire to be the national leader in

  • Graduate professional education focused on career advancement for working adults
  • Global education in a multifaceted approach focused on strategic partnerships
  • Educational delivery modes which are considered to be best in class while providing outstanding access to the individual students
  • Innovative educational models serving urban students obtaining college degrees

Core Values

  • Access
    We provide motivated learners access to a high-quality, world-class education, which allows them to achieve their career goals and aspirations. We pride ourselves on our history of providing educational opportunities which are highly aligned with industry-specific requirements and skills to adult learners, diverse urban groups, and international students.
  • Excellence
    Our career-focused educational programs provide the highest level of academic excellence to prepare our students with real-world experience. Our commitment to quality pervades all aspects of program design and assessment.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is driven by an understanding that higher educational delivery must be managed in a fiscally sustainable model, enabling the enterprise to secure resources and infrastructure to achieve and strengthen its mission. Our innovative course design and flexible delivery models are defined by the evolving needs of the global student community and ensure that our programs meet the needs of adult learners and working professionals regardless of geographic location or industry.
  • Student-focused
    We serve as catalysts to transform the academic experience to meet the needs of students. We are compelled to deliver an academic experience that is highly relevant and enriching to our students’ lives .
  • Global
    Our curriculum is developed to align with the needs of the global economy’s leading industries. The diversity of our students reflects the global economy in which they will practice.