Partnering with a Tier One Research Institute

Team Up with a Top-Tier Research Partner

Northeastern offers world-class facilities and a proven record of cutting-edge advancements. Our faculty members share a wide range of expertise, focused on areas such as sustainability, health informatics, cybersecurity, energy storage, global health and healthcare processes, and urban public policy.

Together, We Can Create Tomorrow's Problem Solvers

Our approach to both education and partnership shapes leadership and creates a better-prepared, more productive workforce. Students pursue more than research at Northeastern. Our goal is to create well-rounded problem solvers—professionals with deep scientific expertise, who understand the basics of business, intellectual property, and patent law and can effectively communicate their discoveries to a broader audience.

Well-Funded Institutes and World-Class Research Centers 

Several opportunities exist for research partnerships, or we'll work with you to create a customized program. Your employees will pursue their research interests in state-of-the-art facilities, partnering with faculty who are recognized thought leaders in their field.

View the full list of Northeastern's research centers and institutes.

An Accomplished Faculty with Real-World Experience

Faculty members cross colleges, departments, and industries to find solutions to the world's emerging 21st century challenges. Your employees will work alongside faculty who are recognized thought leaders in their field.