Making a Difference Through Education

Dedicated practitioners, working together, can bring positive change to the field of education. Northeastern Graduate School of Education prepares educators for leadership with research-driven experiences that combine theory and practice.


To inspire and empower students to make a positive difference in the lives of others through innovative scholarly activity.


To be a premier and distinctive Graduate School of Education, defined by the effective change that our graduates make in their schools, organizations and communities. Our graduates are scholar practitioners who educate, document, articulate and advocate. They are committed to solving real-world and emerging problems through innovative learning and teaching.

Our Programs

The Graduate School of Education brings to bear more than a decade of experiential learning expertise in its programs, attracting students who have a vision for change and who want to drive improvement in education.

Our Approach

Northeastern's Graduate School of Education is committed to supporting diverse adult learning.

Our Faculty

Graduate School of Education faculty are collaborative and student-centered mentors who come from varied, related careers.