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Why Applied Analytics?

With the proliferation of data across all sectors of the global economy, there is an immediate need for individuals to be knowledgeable in how to harness data for continuous analysis and study. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Analytics prepares students to draw on analytical findings to make key decisions in an organization’s strategy.

In a global environment characterized by digital transformation, rapid change, and high levels of uncertainty, the ability to hire, reskill, and upskill analytic talent is a major driver of organizational performance. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Analytics in the College of Professional Studies will prepare students to develop analytical skills that will support decision making in an organization's strategy. The certification focuses on analytical, technological, and humanic literacies—with an emphasis on experiential learning—required for students to serve as strategic business partners in their organizations. 

A total of 18 credit hours are required to complete the analytical certification program. 

More Details

Unique Features

  • Program is stackable, allowing for students to take a course as a nondegree professional development option, take a series of courses to earn a certificate, or earn a certificate and stack up to 18 quarter hours (6 courses) into the Master of Professional Studies in Analytics.
  • Graduates of the certificate will also be eligible for the Double Husky Scholarship, which provides 25% off tuition for the master's program.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate the foundational knowledge and skills critical to pursue data analytics as a profession in relation to statistics and math
  • Articulate and effectively defend the significance and implications of work in data analytics in terms of challenges and trends in a local, national, or global context
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of advanced tools in data analytics
  • Articulate and effectively defend the significance of leadership, governance, and ethics in data analytics in terms of challenges and trends in a local, national, or global context
  • Apply the principles, tools, and methods of analytics to a comprehensive real-world problem or project related to data analyses for tactical and/or strategic decision making
  • Integrate the major theories, tools, and approaches in data analytics to identify data-driven insights for informed business process management
  • Design and deliver presentations, reports, and recommendations that effectively translate technical results/data solutions and are coherent and persuasive to different audiences

Career Outlook

Graduates will have the skills to understand and analyze data. Those who are data-literate are needed and valued across all industries, departments, and seniority levels, making a career in analytics a potentially lucrative one for people of all backgrounds. Here are some in-demand data-oriented careers:

  • Data mining analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Business/management analyst
  • Compensation/benefits analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • HRIS analyst
  • Operations analyst

What you'll study

General Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Applied Analytics General Requirements

Required Core Courses

ALY 6000 - Introduction to Analytics
ALY 6010 - Probability Theory and Introductory Statistics
ALY 6015 - Intermediate Analytics
ALY 6070 - Communication and Visualization for Data Analytics


Complete two of the following:

ALY 6020 - Predictive Analytics
ALY 6030 - Data Warehousing and SQL
ALY 6040 - Data Mining Applications
ALY 6110 - Data Management and Big Data

This program requires successful completion of a minimum of 18 credit hours that meet the degree requirements.

Did You Know?

Operations research analysts can earn up to an average of $84,810 per year (BLS, 2020)

Did You Know?

Market research analyst and operations research analyst positions are projected to increase by 20% and 26%, respectively, from 2018-2028 (BLS, 2020).

Average Time to Completion

1 year



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Meets F-1 Visa Requirements