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Turn Your Academic Focus into a Successful Career

The Time Is Now

It is never too early to start planning your career. Here you’ll find the tools you need to explore and research, build stronger resumés, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Whether you’re just starting out, making a change, or advancing in your profession, our team of coaches and our tailored programs will help you meet your goals. Start today! 

Explore & Set Goals

Navigating the world of career decision-making can seem overwhelming. Taking a thoughtful inventory of your skills and examining the topics that truly interest you is a great place to start. We’ve put together a guide to help you assess your skills and interests, and then create a focused action plan.

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Build Your Brand

A personal brand can make all the difference in your career. It’s how you’re perceived by the world. Do people know who you are? Are you identified with an area of expertise? Resumés, cover letters, interviewing skills and savvy networking are powerful tools to help enhance your personal brand.

Gain Experience

Do you have the skills and knowledge that employers seek? It is critical that you assess, develop, and apply the key professional skills that employers in your chosen field value for your professional success

Finish Strong

Here is where all of your hard work and preparation pays off. Give yourself an advantage with these proven tips and tools for launching and maintaining an effective job search. You’ll find a project management system, key finishing touches to your resumé and networking strategies.


Career Advising

You can count on your advisor to show you how to navigate and access resources across the university and beyond. They will help you determine which courses will get you to your goal most efficiently and identify gaps you need to fill. Plus, they can recommend opportunities, such as an Experiential Network project or co-op, to give you the real-world experience that complements your coursework.

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