Build Your Brand: The Art of the Elevator Pitch


The Art of the Elevator Pitch

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The elevator pitch is a key tool to have in your professional brand kit. It is a professional introduction statement that helps you:

  • Answer the question "tell me about yourself" concisely and professionally
  • Connect and build relationships
  • Open up a networking conversation or informational interview
  • Differentiate yourself in a job search


Developing Your Elevator Pitch​

Creating your elevator pitch is fairly simple. As a guide to help you get started, consider the following characteristics of an elevator pitch:

  • Can be ‘pitched’ in less than 60 seconds
  • Highlights the most relevant portions of your background and experience
  • Conveys your interest, passion, and drive and answers the question of why this is your career goal or objective
  • Shares a clear sense of your career goal or objective
  • Conversational, rather than a memorized script
  • Uses simple language (consider your audience!)
  • Ends with an inviting question, a clear ask, or a next step to draw someone into a conversation
  • Here’s a sample elevator pitch:

    (I am) Hi, I’m John Doe. I graduate in May and my passion is the technology sector.

    (Interests) I love creating strategies for new products, especially utilizing new technology.

    (I know about you, where appropriate) I understand that your company is focusing on a new product line.

    (My skills / accomplishments) As an intern I developed an interactive marketing campaign for an innovative technology product, which increased sales by 50%.

    (Clear “ask” or next step) I’d love to talk to you about what I could contribute to your new product launch. Are you available for a meeting?

Framing Your Accomplishments Based on Results

By focusing on your specific successes, you can quickly convey how you can benefit an employer.

Try this: "I am a human resources professional with a strong track record of helping to identify and recruit top-level talent into management."

Not this: "I am a human resources professional with 10 years of experience working for consumer products companies."

  • Here are some sample conversation starters:

    “Can you tell me more about positions within your organization that match [these interests/skills]?”

    “Can you tell me more about job opportunities at [your company]?”

    “I’m hoping to learn more about the current projects at [your company]?

    “I know that you’ve had many years of experience in this industry and I’d love to learn more about your career path and current role, and any advice you’d have for me as someone trying to enter this industry.”